BTC Wave C storm is coming? @ CrappyTrader Notes #4

Unfortunately ongoing strong BTC USD correction scenario did not invalidate. Being in the C wave of the correction is still the main course of action. There are other alternatives but unfortunately with much lower probability.

Lost hope???

The most worrisome is the fact that the red line on the drawing was broken. Thus a scenario that we were at the beginning of the new move up is of low probability.

Of course this may be a part of a bigger structure. But…

Wave C counting

it’s much more probable the down move is just getting more and more dynamic. Let’s have a look at possible interpretation below

As always, we’ll see what’s going on in a couple of days.

However strong down move will be a really bad news and a confirmation of a very bearish scenario.

Be careful & stay safe.

More reading

If you want to see how did i come to current predictions i recommend reading previous chapters of the blog. Therefore you can follow my reasoning and see how genuine my remarks are.



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