YTNObserver #2 Yenten (YTN) Wallet for digital coins

What does wallet do?

Making it all work

Yente Wallet starting up
Yenten wallet loading…

Receiving Yentens – accepting money

Yenten wallet showing balance and last transactions
Fully operational Yenten wallet
When Request Payment is clicked new unique address will be generated
Claiming free Yentens on the faucet webpage
Your free Yentens are confirmed. Check your wallet balance.
Yes, the facet is truly working. The Yenten coins have arrived as expected

How to get more Yenten coins — mining and exchanging

  • mining — please refer to the previous #1 issue of the YTNObserver where there was an article about how to mine Yenten using MacBook. Don’t worry, this is a quite general tutorial so it can be done in a similar way both on Windows and on Ubuntu. Please also stay tuned for incoming article about effortless, affordable and silent Yenten miner for casual members of the Yenten Community.
  • buying YTN coins on the free market. There are exchanges where you can buy Yenten coins. We will write more about it in the incoming issues of the YTNObserver.

Sending Yentens — paying with cryptocurrency

Making a payment
Monitoring a Yenten transaction live

Stay tuned — get ready for #3 issue of the YTN Observer magazine

References and further reading

Previous issues of the YTN Observer magazine

March 2021

Feb 2021




Cryptocurrency freak. Freedom, ecology and free market above all.

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Yenten Observer

Yenten Observer

Cryptocurrency freak. Freedom, ecology and free market above all.

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